When reading about marketing and business promotions you must have come across the word SEO and wrote it off as something not you but your website building agency needs to concern themselves with. After all, you knew that it stood for ‘search engine optimization’ and who needs to know more? Right?

Wrong! Wrong! Absolutely Wrong!

Search Engine Optimization (abbrv. SEO) is an incredibly important part of the website building process as it is the key to generating traffic for your website and ensuring its success. SEO is responsible for enhancing your brand visibility and presence in search engine results which, if achieved, can ensure a level of success unmatched by advertisements and marketing campaigns of the greatest reach.

Hiring an SEO company can help you attain these goals and allow your company to continue to grow and become a booming business. But what exactly does a SEO company do? Read ahead to find out.

The job of an SEO company
All SEO companies aim for the same thing: to help your businesses thrive. However, not all companies are befitting to the job as a large majority of them employ unscrupulous techniques to bring their client’s website to the top which only lasts for a short while and adversely affects the company’s presence in the long-term. Whereas other creditable SEO agencies earn rankings through hard work and provide their clients with quality service that ensures that their website tops search results. Thus, businesses must be aware of the tasks of an SEO company to ensure legitimate success of their site. Some of these tasks include:

1. Making your website secure
There are two types of sites HTTP and HTTPS. The ‘s’ at the end of HTTP stands for security and means that the website is secure. SEO companies must ensure that your website is a secure one that protects users’ data and prevents the tracking of any visitors’ future and/or past activity. Security is important for search engine optimization as it affects the rank of a website.

2. Making sure your website is all-device friendly
Having a website that only works on desktop mode is harmful to business as a great majority of users also access the internet via phones and tablets. Having a website that is all-device friendly will help improve its ranking and this can be taken care of by an SEO company.

3. Ensuring a fast loading speed
Websites that take a long time to load lose a lot of traffic because nobody likes to wait, this is why it is important for SEO companies to make sure that all of your website pages load quickly and retain visitors.

4. Making the website easy to navigate
Websites need to have a layout that is easy to navigate. Endless pages that are difficult to traverse through frustrate users and reduce website traffic. As a result, SEO companies must ensure that they have excellent technical optimization skills that allow web pages that are on the website to be well linked internally and externally in order to attract and keep engaged the website traffic.

5. Uploading content of the right quality and quantity on your website
The layout of the website attracts but the content sells which is why it is important for businesses to have well written pieces on their website that engage readers. It is also important that the content is of the right quantity as long pieces tend to drive readers away instead of holding on to their attention.

6. Removal of duplicate data
Companies that try to build their own websites end up posting repetitive content on their webpages. For example, ‘our story’ and ‘our product’ pages tend to have some very similar content that puts off visitors. The job of a SEO company also includes elimination of such repetitive data.

7. Posting accurate contact information
Contact Us’ pages are extremely important to every website as not only are they a medium of communication between the customers and business but also because they are an indication of transparency between the two. SEO companies must ensure that these pages have accurate and complete information and are easy to navigate in order to encourage smooth communication between potential customers and the brand and improve the ranking of your website.

8. Relating to search results
Certain keywords must be typed into the search engines in order for websites with that content to show up. It is the job of SEO companies to choose the keywords that connect well with your brand and associate them to your website in order for your web pages to be at the top of the search results and draw traffic to it. Without proper correlations your website will not be able to attract any attention.

Why you should work with an SEO company
SEO agencies hire qualified personnel with extensive experience to ensure the smooth functioning of your website and potentially high traffic thus success for your business. Without help from SEO companies, businesses end up wasting endless resources trying to learn the basics of digital marketing and barely even scratching the surface. With the help of a professional SEO agency companies can invest their time into more demanding aspects of their business and achieve their desired optimization goals.

Services to avail from SEO companies
1. Website performance
This includes the current website performance compared to competitors, keyword searches, etc. and future improvements. Receiving SEO reports on website performance and campaign goals may also be included in this service.

2. Optimal changes
This service includes making necessary changes to the content of the website, the layout, and web pages that would attract more traffic. Testing out other methods of increasing ranking may also be included in this service in the form of new content, feature changes or campaign upgrades.

3. Backend modifications
Backend modifications include enhancing the technical working of the website including loading speed, security, server configuration, fault-free website coding and off-site mentions.

Educating yourself on the services of an SEO company is the first step towards availing the many unmatched benefits they offer. Thus it is highly recommendable that not only do you hire an agency but one that fits your brand best because finding the right SEO company can change the trajectory of your business for the better.

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