The new-age of digital consumerism is now boasting a mobile revolution. 89% of Indian consumers have turned to making purchases online and almost 60% of them prefer to use their mobile phones for it. Thus, we can easily infer that the easy accessibility of the device has made a significant portion of consumers want to turn to it and leave behind their tablets and computers. This drastic change has also motivated businesses to invest in new ways to monetise on the change and optimise the functioning of their services on mobiles in order to retain their audience.  

However, while ignoring the importance of mobile-centric services is a grave mistake, the task of making your services all-device friendly is not at all easy. Having a website that is mobile-friendly is not even close to being enough. Every company’s promotional emails, advertisements and payments must also work as smoothly on smartphones as they do on desktops. Additionally, there is a great functionality difference between the two types of websites. Webpage optimisation also does not work the same on mobiles as it does on computers.  

In order to understand mobile SEO better read on. 

What does mobile SEO include? 
1. Mobile-friendly website development 
The first aspect of optimising your mobile SEO function is having a mobile friendly website. Websites are a very important part of every business, they build your brand image and are used by consumers to validate your brand authenticity. A desktop-oriented website is extremely harmful to business since mobile trends show that the majority of users have switched to accessing the internet and making purchases on their phones.

Thus, having a website that is mobile-friendly will help improve its ranking and this is one of the most important aspects of mobile SEO, as claimed by SEO experts.  

2. Technical SEO 
The technical optimisation pertaining to the functioning of your website is another very important part of mobile SEO. This needs to be done in order to retain visitors. Technical SEO services generally include the following: 

  • Ensuring that your website has fault-free coding for smooth functioning 
  • Having well integrated pages so that all new visitors can easily navigate the web pages  
  • All round security for site visitors to make sure that no third party is stealing information. This allows your site visitors to feel safe when going onto your website 
  • Optimised app function so that your consumers prefer to download your business application and enhance your brand awareness 
  • Safe payment methods that promise your patrons with a smooth and secure checkout process 
  • Bug-free and compressed promotional emails so that the customers on your mailing list are less likely to unsubscribe 

3. Keyword optimisation  
Mobile SEO includes choosing the right keywords to associate with your brand and orienting them to your website in order to draw traffic to it. This is particularly important for both e-commerce and blog sectors as without proper correlations websites cannot attract any attention.  

4. Mobile-oriented content 
Most of the time any content that we upload on websites, blogs, and emails does not adapt to mobiles as it appears on desktops. The font, images, and hyperlinks can all muddle up and become unreadable. Mobile SEO offers a solution to this problem as the work also includes making sure that not only your website has mobile-friendly accessibility but so does its content.   

Should you work with professionals for your mobile SEO? 
Without help from SEO companies, businesses end up investing an endless stream of resources in trying to learn the basics of digital marketing and search engine optimisation which all goes to waste as end up barely even scratching the surface.  

SEO agencies hire qualified personnel with extensive experience in every realm (coding, content, etc.) to ensure the smooth functioning of your website and potentially high traffic thus success for your business. 

With the help of a professional SEO agency, companies can invest their time into more demanding aspects of their business and achieve their desired optimisation goals. 

What are the services above the expected that mobile SEO companies offer? 
A mobile SEO company must place the utmost importance on creating an action plan for mobile optimisation that is tailored to your business. They must also steer clear of the non-specific techniques, employed by amateur companies, that are sweeping the SEO business. A company that customises your services is incredibly important because upon employing the general techniques you would end up with the exact same results produced for every other brand out in the market. Some of service highlights that set SEO companies apart for their services are:

  • Custom mobile SEO advertising  
  • Custom mobile-centred website development  
  • Streamlined SEO strategies to improve rankings 
  • Personalised site configurations  
  • Custom mobile-friendly content creation 


  • Customers are moving towards mobile services  
  • Mobile SEO differs greatly from regular, desktop SEO  
  • The technical as well as visual functioning of the same needs to be focused upon to ensure the success of your brand 
  • SEO professional have expertise in the industry that must be availed by all companies  
  • The mobile SEO services you avail must be customised to your brand for optimal changes 

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