Believe it or not, content marketing might just be the holy grail that will guide you the increased sales charts! On a daily basis millions of potential customers stumble upon search engines with a thousand queries. This is where content marketing can help you shine but you need a well devised plan to receive the desired results.

Here are 6 ways that will guarantee increased sales using content marketing: 

1. Produce evergreen content consistently 
One of the best ways to increase sales using content marketing is of course- evergreen content. There’s a sea of options available to the reader on a daily basis, online. When it comes to content marketing, the creation of evergreen or first-class resources should be the most important component of your approach.

Every day, Google handles 3.5 billion searches. Furthermore, since 2010, it has continuously maintained a 90 percent share of all desktop searches worldwide. Putting these puzzle pieces together- when customers seek for services or items that are similar to what you’re selling, Google will show them different results based on their search query.  

The customer would be able to make a purchasing decision based on the various data. However, if you develop high-quality or evergreen content with the proper keywords that relate to users’ search phrases, Google is likely to show it to them.  

As a result, having your blog content in front of millions of people increases your chances of forming ties with them and converting them to paying clients. As a result, your content marketing will significantly improve sales. 

2. Serve more customer touchpoints 
Part of the puzzle is reaching out to your target audience through your blogs. However, keeping them coming back for more engaging information is another matter. As a result, you’ll need more touch points or points of contact where your ideal consumers and potential purchasers can get in touch with you rapidly.

You are, in theory, the brand’s touchpoint. Consumers, on the other hand, will be unable to contact you or engage with you if you do not provide points of contact. As a result, by giving users more touchpoints, you may improve their customer experience (CX) and make it easier for them to communicate with you. If your customers have a better experience through available touch points, they might even become brand ambassadors for you! 

As a result, you’ll see an increase in sales. In a nutshell- create additional touchpoints in the end to improve your chances of gaining new clients and increasing sales. 

3. Increase sales with user generated content 
You must be aware of the importance of user generated content in the market but are you utilizing this god sent tool in your content writing? If not then this is your sign to increase your sales via content marketing, using user generated content (UGC)!

Since it allows business owners to better understand their consumer persona, User Generated Content is particularly helpful in generating sales with the use of content marketing. Indeed, one of the most compelling reasons to employ user-generated material is that it serves as trustworthy social proof. This is due to the fact that the content pieces come from happy consumers. People who have successfully used your products or services and are satisfied with the results. As a result, UGC will assist: 

  • Boost user engagement on your website 
  • Increase the amount of time you spend in the room. 
  • Build brand reputation and trust. 
  • Increase your sales. 

There’s no better method to attract more customers than to have genuine people testify to the uniqueness of your goods or services. 

4. Be active on discussion forums 
Ask yourself this question- “Are you a member of any discussion boards or groups?”. If you’ve been ignoring these content marketing outlets, it’s time to get back into the game! Discussion forums and communities are engaging venues where people may learn about a variety of topics.

Participants in these online forums can ask questions and receive helpful replies from contributors who may be industry experts. In other words, the specialists will provide insightful information that satisfies the demands of the community as well as the interests of the consumers. Furthermore, customers are more likely to purchase from businesses who share their beliefs. Quora, for example, is a website where users can ask questions and get answers. You can link and guide people to helpful content on your blog while providing solutions. Moreover, you can also direct them to a page where they can learn more about your products and services and make a purchase choice. Furthermore, participating in forums and groups helps to increase your brand’s awareness, which leads to increased sales. A total win-win! 

5. Focus on the persona of your buyers 
You’ll have a better knowledge of your target market and how to aim your content marketing for the best outcomes if you focus on your buyer persona. Here, your buyer persona is your ideal customer as determined by market research and feedback from current customers. As a result, focusing on the proper prospects allows you to create and share content that resonates with your target market. Once you’ve identified your target market, you can evaluate your blog and content marketing plan and make any required changes to meet their needs.

Here are a few factors that you must include while determining your buyer persona: 

  • Consumer behaviour and buying patterns 
  • Customer motivations 
  • Demographics 
  • Interests and goals 

6. Use product listing to boost sales 
Last, but not the least, another great way to use content marketing for sale increase by using product listing! This process involves mainly recording your products and sorting them in the following manner:

  • Alphabetical order
  • Categories
  • Popularity
  • Pricing
  • Number of sales
  • Tags, and etc..

However, creating a list of things you’re offering isn’t enough; you also need to provide useful information about the products to help purchasers make informed purchases. Instead of giving customers the same information as your competition, be innovative and provide useful product information to boost your content marketing efforts. This strategy will not only help you generate sales, but it will also help you enhance your search visibility and Google ranks. 

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