Google ads are the fastest way for companies to earn clicks and get potential customers to visit their site. This is because Google’s vast customer base translates into increased visibility for companies looking to grow their businesses and allows them to target the right demographic that possess a high engagement possibility.

However, if you have previously tried to run your google ad account you know that this process is not half as smooth as it is proclaimed to be.

Ads not showing up, logistical problems in featuring, billing, and using virus riddled extensions for analytics are some problems that all companies face when trying to run their ads. These problems tend to not only sabotage your marketing strategy but also jeopardise your budget as they make companies invest more money into a campaign whose profitability is not high or not being tracked adequately. 

Many companies do manage to overcome these problems and run their accounts efficiently. But only a small fraction accomplishes this, given that the luck of trial and error is on their side.

Thus, rather than investing an endless amount of time, energy, and money into this tedious process we recommend hiring a professional to run your google ad account, and below are 5 reasons why.

1. Setting up
There is a lot more to setting up a Google ad account than simply signing up for it. The range of tasks to be completed before an advertisement is run include creating an ad with proper structure, compelling content and keywords to draw attention, selecting a target audience and platforms to run the ad for and on, and ensuring smooth working of analytics to track ad progress and payments made for their operation.

Companies undertaking such tasks on their own with no prior experience of running Google ads tend to come across innumerable roadblocks that slow down their brand promotions. As a result, professionals who have extensive past experience in this area are much better suited to the job of sorting out the complexities and running a successful Google ad.

2. Ads are Dynamic
Ads are a popular marketing strategy employed by almost all companies that continuously try to come up with unique ideas to promote their brand. Consequently, it follows that the competition is high and the trends that are most effective at increasing sales and building a customer base are ever-changing.

Companies that do not employ professionals for running ads fail at running successful ones as they do not have the expertise to keep up with the constant changes of the task and making the appropriate, as well as necessary, modifications. This results in their ads falling back on visibility and moving a page down on customer’s pages every day.

Thus, the employment of a professional to run Google ads for generating the traction needed to draw customers is highly advisable.

3. Spend on Professionals = Saving Money on Ads
The amount of money you pay for your ads is not directly proportional to the visibility of your advertisement. So even if a company is willing to invest heavily in their ads, it is not enough to guarantee its success.

Google ads work on quality scores. Quality score is a system used by Google to rank the ads as well as the CPC, which is the cost per click of your ad. The quality score of each ad is responsible for its position on the search engine, this means that the ads that have a higher quality score will be on the first page and the ads with a lower score would be on the pages below.

But how does one increase their quality score? To do this you need to work on the relevance of your ad to keywords, this is best done by professionals who are experts in the art of forming a symbioses between your advertisement and the keyword that best brings it attention. Without professional consultation you may be paying top dollar to run your advertisements but still be ranking much lower than companies paying far less than you.

4. Choosing a Bidding Strategy
Different companies have different priorities, some might be focused on increasing the number of clicks on their ads to get more people to visit their website while others might prefer to zero-in on the levels of viewer interaction with their content to assess the engaging quality of it.

Google ads has a range of 11 different bidding strategies that companies can choose from based on their need, but this range tends to intimidate users who end up choosing the automated option to manage their ads. An automated bidding strategy may seem like the best option, to new and small companies in particular, as it allows them to not have to constantly adjust bids when running multiple advertisements. However, this strategy is highly detrimental as if a bidding strategy that does not suit the goals of the business has been chosen then it can adversely impact the company’s campaign.

In cases like these, a professionals are highly recommended as they can step in and use their vast knowledge about Google ads and their various bidding strategies to select and run one that best suits the company’s needs.

5. Choosing Match Types
The Google ad bidding strategy also includes ‘match types’ that determine the reach of an advertisement. When bidding on a keyword to promote their brand, companies need to choose match types that determine how closely related a user’s search must be to the product for the ad to come out on top.

Choosing the wrong match type is a waste of both time and money as the advertisements will never target the intended audience and hamper the company’s marketing progress. In such cases, hiring a professional is the best choice as an expert will be able to determine and set the right match type for your company whether it be an exact match or a broad match.

Google ads are a highly favourable method of brand promotion for all types of companies as they provide businesses with a platform of unrivalled influence. However, the functioning of Google campaigns is miles away from being user friendly for people not-professionals in this field.

The innumerable and highly technical requirements that need to be fulfilled to run a Google campaign cannot be met without professionals who possess an in-dept understanding of the logistical functioning of the various aspects of Google ads. Therefore, hiring a professional with expertise in running Google ads is highly advisable to companies in order to save time and resources.

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