ISOLS Group Pvt Ltd is a pioneering enterprise excelling, expanding & evolving in technology and digital solutions & innovations. Ever since its inception, the Group has created a legacy of delivering top-notch consistent solutions to its clients for solving their problems. The evolution and growth of the Group Company & its brands is associated with a pool of highly skilled & passionate young professionals called as ISOLIANS who are blended with an art of creativity & experience.

Our Mantra = Innovation + Creativity + Quality.

Our work culture, management, and cooperation are the robust pillars that support the gateway of imparting an excellent experience to our clients and solving various other problems.

ISOLS stands for “INTUITIVE SOULS” that has the capability to transcend from ordinary to less ordinary human beings by invoking their latent potential within the most evolved current era of technology & digital world.

The Group is the combination of its multiple off-shoots, having the expertise to deliver an end to end technology and digital solutions to various other enterprises be it ever small, medium or large.

Innovative Solution Technologies
Digital India Leader
India Digital Pay

Our Mission, Vision & Values

We are working with an ideology 'Keep your clients happy & they will keep you Happy. We ensure our customer success by delivering quality, timeliness, innovation, creativity, transparency & integrity and excellent results.


To provide an enriching optimistic environment, vibrant work culture and individual wellbeing for all ISOLIANS by creating progressive benchmarks with consistency to evolve the best quality, efficiency and result oriented solutions, products & services.


Our system has been built up by inculcating the strong 'values and ethics' which catalysis in expanding the intelligence dimension of each ISOLIAN. Ever since the outset of the Group Company, the visionary Founder 'Ujjwal Chugh' has imbibed the philosphy of ‘Great Karma’ in each ISOLIAN, and urged to follow the footprints of ISOLS ideology i.e. to work nonstop for ultimate success, happiness and well-being.


Our vision is to invoke & propel the 'Creativity & Innovation' out of the young minds and to create a great impulse factor by building the most rocking & highly intuitive team of ‘ISOLIANS’